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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Crystal Bowl Sound Activation

with Ceremonial Grade Cacao Tues, 13th Sep at 18:30 hrs

  • 33 Australian dollars
  • Ascot Kayak Club, Fauntleroy Ave, Ascot 6104 (enter upstairs, pass Kiosk side)

Service Description

Sound are pressure waves that set out vibrations which propagate through a medium. These vibrations cause the medium such as air or water to produce sound. Vibrations move 3x faster through water than what it does through air and as our body consist 70% of water, sound as a therapy is highly effective as it can go where no surgeon can go. The vibrations amplifies our energies and clear out blockages so that our body can naturally alleviate symptoms of disharmony. Sound healing ignites the body to self-heal and it can aid in: ·lowering blood pressure ·boosting the immune system ·decreasing stress and anxiety ·improving sleep ·heightening focus and energy ·detoxifying ·it can help to rejuvenate ·assist with pain management ·support the healing of any past injuries It does not just stop with the physical body it also can ·expand our conscious mind ·activate relaxation ·improve mood swings and wellbeing ·deepen connection to self so we can become more centered. To enhance this sound healing session, we will start the session with ceremonial grade cacao to open the heart as it increases oxygen through the bloodstream and it does elevate the blood flow to the brain and therefore embraces awareness and focus. Cacao is packed full of minerals and vitamins, and it can support the body to heal, detox and boost immune system. After the session we will have some tea and light nibbles. You will be taken on an incredible journey entraining the mind into deep meditative states of consciousness where healing and mystical experiences can occur. Experience the beauty of sound and let it bring you back to your centre and help you to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated ✨💜 Vibration create a wave that never ceases to exist.. creation begins with sound *** This event is not recommended for pregnant women in the first trimester, after the first trimester there are no known risk however best to check with your health care provider. *** For your comfort and safety please bring for each of you: - something to lie or sit on such as: yoga mat, camping mattress, bean bag, chair - bottle of water, - blankets (to keep you warm) and - pillows (do rest your head) - bolster for lower back / knee support (optional)

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Changes or cancellations: for Sound Session Events: - must be made more than 48 hours before the service event or your appointment. $5 cancellation fee will be applicable. Cancellations under 48 hours prior to event will result in 50 % of the fee payable to Sonja Hall. Cancellations under 24 hours prior to event cannot be refunded. Private Sound and Vibration Therapy Session Non refundable $ 50.00 deposit will apply Cancellations under 24 hours prior to your appointment cannot be refunded

Contact Details

Perth WA, Australia

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