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Sound & Vibration Therapy

“Sound is the medicine of the future.” Edgar Cayce

What it can help with?

Sound & Vibration Therapy (aka sound healing, sound bath, sound therapy, vibration therapy, sound mediation etc) can aid in detoxifying the physical body, support the healing of past injuries, and is used as complementary therapy. It does not just stop with the physical body, but the sound and vibration can ignite your true self and clear out blockages to naturally alleviate symptoms of disharmony.

Sound Healing or Sound Therapy can help with:

  • activate relaxation

  • decrease stress and anxiety

  • improve mood swings and wellbeing

  • improve sleep

  • heightening focus and energy

  • rejuvenates

  • assists with pain management

  • deepen connection to true self

  • lower blood pressure

  • detoxifying

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In a minimum amount of time a Sound Healing session can make you feel centered, and stimulate your body and mind to self heal

How does it works?

Sound and Vibration Therapy in fact is nothing but simple science, it's vibrating particles that knock into other particles causing them to vibrate further and travel through air and water. Our body consist approx 70 % of water and when the vibration reach our body it will convert into signals that travels into every cell and stimulate the body to heal itself.

Sound as a therapy can be highly effective to aid in detoxifying your body and mind, it wakes up the cells, activate nerve ending and stimulate blood flow, it can reach areas no surgeon can get to and puts ease to dis-ease.


“Healing is an inside job.” 

Dr B.J. Palmer

Everything in our universe is vibration. The pattern in which a vibration moves is measured in frequency. Different emotions operate on different frequencies, something that is of a joyful nature is usually operating on a higher frequency compared to feeling sadness, fear or anger. 

Our instruments that we use in our sound sessions operate on a healing frequency.

 Didgeridoo frequency range 55 to 80 Hz

Gong frequencies are tuned to planets which can range 140 – 300 Hz

My Crystal Singing Bowl frequency range 432Hz

What do expect?

You'll be lying, or if you prefer sitting down, while we will be holding sound throughout the session. The sound vibrations bath over your body and allow your body, mind and spirit to relax, rest, rejuvenate and restore.

While receiving sound as a therapy you can become immensely aware of your physical body you can reach a trance like state while being still in control of your surroundings. You will receive healing on a cellular level


It's a great opportunity to center yourself and to be in the present moment.

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