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"I feel so light and energetic today. Last night's session was an incredible shift for me, you held me with love and I felt every inch of it😍Warmest wishesLiz xx "

"It was a very special night because on Monday, I experienced a regression in my health and truly wanted to move on with renewed energy to start over again.  I am continuing to hydrate myself and resting more than usual.  Peace to all, Om Shanti"               Mik

"Thank you so much for inviting me to the Sound Session it was BRILLIANT on so many levels & I had the BEST night sleep in a long time. Thank you & Blessings to you Love & Light,                                         Ann Xxx "

"Sonja is my go-to for all kinds of emergencies, her intuitive help has been invaluable to me over the past years. Her accuracy and skill is profound. When my old dog went walkabout, I contacted Sonja who was quickly able to connect to my dog and assured me that she was still alive and trapped somewhere that she couldn’t get out of. Sonja’s connection was so pure, that I kept contacting vets and pounds and eventually got her back safe and happy although a little worse for wear after her big adventure.
Sonja has helped me with all kinds of healing, from helping my kids recover from sickness, to releasing fears and blocks in my career, anything really. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to what can be achieved in Theta and Sonja’s experience, integrity and empathy make her a highly skilled practitioner. Sonja has catalyzed such brilliant change in my life that I’d recommend her to anyone."

Briana Gunn - Naturopath

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"I have had several theta sessions with Sonja and I am blown away with how incredible the impact has been. Sonja has a gentle approach to her work and makes you feel safe and supported which is imperative when emotional roadblocks can come up. She has helped me overcome some internal challenges and I have had some very positive outcomes in both my professional life and my personal life. I highly recommend Sonja to anyone who wishes to improve their well being."

Belle Verdiglione -Camera Queen

"I have been to a few of Sonja’s sound therapy sessions and looking forward to my next one. After a deep relaxation and my body responding in amazing ways to the sound vibrations, I come away grounded and rejuvenated. Sonja is a very gentle, kind soul who you can trust to take you on an amazing journey. Very highly recommended"  Nikki Hanley

Nikki Hanley.PNG

"I have been lucky enough to have experienced a few sound sessions with Sonja in a group environment and also one on one and it has been an Amazing experience . I feel so much more connected to the Truth within me and Higher universal power during and after a session . It helps me let go of any stress and anxiety and I feel so much more clearer and uplifted after it . Thank you Sonja for all the amazing beautiful sessions we have had and I look forward to many more 🙏✨🌻🦋" Michelle Sharma​

"I have been to a number of sound healing sessions with Sonja and they are amazing. My body vibrates and the energy is incredible. As a healer myself I am selective about who I attend but Sonja Hall has a gift with her bowls and the addition of the didge on occasion by the incredible Tom is so powerful. Thank you Sonja x" Charlotte Beswick


"My sound journey has been an incredible experience. It is a very gentle, individual and sacred process. The sound is not only relaxing, but cleanses and clears on a cellular level. Unique and specific to each of us.  I have found that Sonja is a wealth of knowledge that provides a safe space to discuss individually and openly. Her insights are warm and genuine. Sonja is very generous of spirit." Catherine MacDougall ​


"Hi Sonja  I wanted to pass on after talking to everyone about Friday night, how grateful we are .. It truly was a magical thing and today without thought G. said to me how relaxed he has felt all weekend. We would love to have you back in the new year for a private sound session? In the meantime have a lovely Xmas  🙏❤️Much love S.C."

We all felt a bit spaced out! Actually- I still do. But, have a sense of clarity! My body is a bit sore, and head is heavy! Cat

"Thank you so much! That was the first time I ever experienced such a beautiful sound experience. I'm already planning to go to the next one"               Lyn

"So looking forward to the sound session. I met you at the open gardens event last Friday and after only 5 minutes I could feel the benefit. The bonus was the tinnitus was dialed down for about 24 hours 🙂" Carol

"I just wanted to to say thank you to the Sound Fusion Team  for the beautiful Sound Healing last night.... Me and D slept so well. I feel really energized today too... I am so grateful "       Nicki K.

"I am still seeing swirls of pink, purple and white all around my body, it was like pressure on my body. I am in awe of “the light” I received during the Sound Session"                                    D.V.

"You're amazing at the sound healing and you're super inspiring, thank you"Kylie

"Breaking free is a desire for change, I certainly felt the detox. Thank you my body is taking the challenge and i definitely feel change xxx" Kat


"Sonja is a beautiful, gentle and caring soul who is highly talented with both theta and sound healing. She is very intuitive and is able to tune into a person’s energy and offer deep healing. I have had many theta sessions with her that have been insightful, transformative and profound and left me feeling lighter and happier. Her sound healing sessions are also deeply healing as she intuitively plays what is needed by who is there. Thank you Sonja ❤️" Lisa M.H.

"I just wanted to reach out and share my experience after the wonderful session on Saturday    I haven’t been this grounded and connected in a really long time-I’ve finally been able to slow my thoughts, relax my shoulders and breathe deeply. These are things that I have been struggling with as I’ve been caught up in the end of year rush. It’s almost like I’ve returned to myself if that makes sense!    I truly think there was something intensely powerful about having the session out in nature, under the trees. It added such a grounding element and I am so grateful to have been able to attend     I’d just like to extend a huge thank you for all that you do. It has really been the catalyst for such positive change in my life ❤️ ​ Have a wonderful rest of your day  Warm regards,  L. McD "

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