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   Intuitive online & remote Session / Theta Session   

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"Sonja is my go-to for all kinds of emergencies, her intuitive help has been invaluable to me over the past years. Her accuracy and skill is profound. When my old dog went walkabout, I contacted Sonja who was quickly able to connect to my dog and assured me that she was still alive and trapped somewhere that she couldn’t get out of. Sonja’s connection was so pure, that I kept contacting vets and pounds and eventually got her back safe and happy although a little worse for wear after her big adventure.
Sonja has helped me with all kinds of healing, from helping my kids recover from sickness, to releasing fears and blocks in my career, anything really. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to what can be achieved in Theta and Sonja’s experience, integrity and empathy make her a highly skilled practitioner. Sonja has catalyzed such brilliant change in my life that I’d recommend her to anyone."

Briana Gunn - Naturopath

"I have had several theta sessions with Sonja and I am blown away with how incredible the impact has been. Sonja has a gentle approach to her work and makes you feel safe and supported which is imperative when emotional roadblocks can come up. She has helped me overcome some internal challenges and I have had some very positive outcomes in both my professional life and my personal life. I highly recommend Sonja to anyone who wishes to improve their well being."

Belle Verdiglione -Camera Queen

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