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Relaxing at Home
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Online Sound Meditation

In just 1 hour in the comfort of wherever you are you can let go of all your stresses, lessen anxieties, become the best version of you and re-connect with your true self.

Your wellbeing is my absolute priority, I have total respect for you, for your health and for your safety, my goal is to keep you at heightened wellness so you can focus on the things that motivate and bring you Joy.

What is it about?

Safe, accessible, and as powerful as sound and theta session combines.

With the ever-changing rules and restriction all over our world it can become challenging to leave the house and participate in group events. Being alone and isolated is something that all of us experienced in one way or another and it can be scary and uncomfortable, especially if you worry about your wellbeing.


If you are feeling the pressure of an ever-changing world, leaving you stressed and anxious - then I have created these online sound meditations for you as an opportunity to go inwards and explore your inner depths that move you towards happiness and newness.

How does it works?

My sessions are laid out to ignite your inner wisdom and help you to break free of limitations.

Sound healing, aka sound bath, sound therapy, vibrational therapy, sound mediation etc, is about vibration – in an in-person sound bath the vibrations that are delivered move the energy around the room, so effectively the vibrations can be carried to all – it is physical but in essence the change occurs in the cells first.

Listening and experiencing the sound virtually can reach you where change happens first on a cellular level. The cells will resonate the vibrations to the rest of your body. For an even more enhanced experience I’ll tap into my work as an intuitive healer during the sound session and tune in and play intuitively for whoever is present.

How can I listen to it?

Best practice: Find yourself a comfortable and safe space where you won’t get interrupted, close your eyes listen to the sound in a way that works best for you, lean back and let the sound transport you to your centre!

You can enjoy these events with your headset on, on your sound system or simply use the speakers on your phone, work with what is available to you – of course the better your stereo outlet the more intense your experience might be, but it will work regardless of your outlet, as long as you are willing to lean back.

Do not drive while listening to these sessions.

For best outcomes and most relaxation do not multitask during these sessions.

What if I cannot join live?

Even if you are unable to join in live, register and you may wish to submit a request to focus in on any particular areas or problems, and you will receive the recording.


As your cells are ever changing new vibration can unfold for you each time you listen to the recording, your cells will absorb and distribute what is needed at any given time. Sound never ceases to exist, it is timeless.

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